I’m running my own ejabberd XMPP-Server on lebsanft.org and I’m using conversations as XMPP client on my android smartphone. By default my ejabberd instance didn’t have support for XEP-0313 and XEP-0237. So I set out to fix this. The latest ejabberd version 15.03 supports easy installing modules by using ejabberdctl. First you have to update the available packages by running:

ejabberdctl modules_update_specs

and then by running:

ejabberdctl modules_available

you can get a list of available modules. To install mod_mam which provides XEP-0313 support run:

ejabberdctl module_install mod_mam

After this, you can enable it by adding the following line to the module list in ejabberd.yml:

mod_mam: {}

Unfortunately the 15.03 version has a bug in loading external modules. You have to apply this patch first and recompile ejabberd:


Stopping and starting the server after recompiling should make XEP-0313 available.

For XEP-0237 to work, you have to change the following in ejabberd.yml:

mod_roster: {}


versioning: true

Stopping and starting the server after this should make XEP-0237 available.

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Nikola · 31. August 2015 um 22:16


Can you send me compiled (dubuged) ejabberd_app.beam (15.03 win32b)?


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